An Enchanted night walk
beyond the mountains

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About Alta Lumina

Alta Lumina is the latest in the series of enchanted night walks created by Moment Factory.

In the heart of the French Alps, in the village of Les Gets, you are invited to setoff along the path of a travelling music-maker and his hot air balloon, and follow his incredible journey beyond the mountains.

All year long, you’ll have the chance to be immersed in this enchanting environment, and to embark along a one-kilometre pathway where the story is told through apoetics of light, music, imagery, set design and interactivity.

Prepare yourself for a rich emotional experience, where music is seen and lightcan be heard!

The story

An exciting adventure is about to begin.

A travelling music-maker takes flight in his hot air balloon, spreading enchanted melodies throughout faraway lands. But a terrible storm is raging in the distance…

Follow the traces of this whimsical character and join him on his quest. Let your senses guide you along your journey, and let yourself get lost in a world of amazement, where music is seen and light can be heard.

Explore the path

Click on the arrows to take flight inside the poetic universe of Alta Lumina.


Immerse yourself in the enchanted forestial ambience of Alta Lumina. Are you ready for an adventure?


Open your eyes and ears. As the wind blows through the trees, you’ll discover a travelling music-maker and his hot air balloon.


Meet the travelling music-maker as he embarks on his journey, filling his hot air balloon with enchanted notes that allow him to fly!

The storm

You dive into a raging storm that erupts in the forest. But what has become of the music-maker?

The fall

Along the path, discover this remarkable hot air balloon, which has crashed in the forest! But the music-maker seems to have disappeared.

New harmonies

The enchanted musical notes have been scattered throughout the forest after the crash. Listen closely to hear their tones as they intermingle with the echoes of nature.

The walk

Can you spot the music-maker in the distance? Look for his traces to guide you toward the next part of the story.

Enchanted mechanicals

The hot air balloon has been mended! Take part in the celebration and let your musical talents harmonize with this joyful moment.

Light as air

Take part in the hot air balloon’s next triumphant takeoff!


It’s time to say goodbye to the travelling music-maker, who flies away once again, over hill and valley, to keep sharing his enchanted melodies.


Alta Lumina is open year round !

There is no ticket office on site. Please, book online to access the experience.

Opening hours vary with the seasons. Click on “buy tickets now” below and “book” to see the different hours available.

Entrance to the experience happens within 20minutes after the time of your session. It takes about 1 hour to enjoy the experience fully at your own pace.

Gift Cards : If you own a gift card : book your session using the promo code at the bottom of your ticket. Gift cards are valid for a year from the date of purchase.

Tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable.

Adult : 19,50€
16 YO and older
Kids : 10,50 €
5 to 15 YO
Baby : Free
4 YO and younger
Family : 55 €
2 adults + 2 childrens
Tickets are sold mainly online. No sales on site. During the season, tickets can be purchased at the Chavannes central ticket office between 1pm and 5pm (cash, credit cards and holiday vouchers accepted)


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ALTA se drape de blanc aux couleurs pailletées des lumières enchanteuses du LUMINA ✨️

Les saisons nous rappellent la douceur des changements de temps, de couleur, de texture, d`ambiance, de rythme de vie et d`activités !

Hâte de démarrer cette saison d`hiver avec vous 🎄

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Merci à Golfy de faire vivre des expériences comme la nôtre afin de vous proposer des séjours sur mesure. 🧭
De venir chercher le moment magique qui correspondra au mieux à vos envies d`escapade 🗺

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✨ Nous vous accueillons tous les soirs des vacances de la Toussaint afin de profiter des ambiances d`Automne à Alta Lumina.

Calme moment de transition avant les promesses de l`hiver à venir 🌲

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Retrouvons-nous ce week-end, pour des belles soirées d`un bel Automne 🍁

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Venez fêter Halloween avec nous Mardi 31 Octobre lors d`une soirée Alta Lumina !

Chocolat chaud offert en accueil avant d`entrer dans la féerie du moment. Surprises au rendez-vous pour les plus beaux déguisements !

Des idées de déguisements à suggérer ? 🎃✨


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