Sound aka David Williamson

il y a 1 year

Magical but too short.
The site recommends one a half hours to do the walk so we thought there was a lot more too see and rushed through. It took us only 45 minutes.
We couldn’t go back or do it again which was a shame (wasn’t that busy so they could have been more flexible).
If we’d known we’d really have taken our time but even then one hour is more than enough.
So a bit too expensive for what it is. Half as many installations again would have been perfect.
That said it was beautiful, music and lights enchanting (this is how church should be), well maintained, well organised, staff friendly, helpful, and overall well worth it.
If you can, go when there is snow on the ground (we went New Year’s Eve when snow had all melted. Still good but could imagine it more spectacular with snow).


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