Environmental approach

The joint idea with Moment Factory was to create an itinerary adapted to an existing natural environment, and to intervene as little as possible in the balance of this space. In this immersive experience, our aim is to help visitors discover the beauty of this natural site, to increase their desire for the outdoors, and to combine human presence with the wonder of nature. Without this preserved and protected nature, there can be no wonder…

That’s why, when you come to discover Alta Lumina, we make sure that we can take care of your potential waste in the reception area, and always have a word of prevention and awareness. We strictly forbid any form of pollution from cigarettes, vaporizers and the like. We urge you to take an active part in protecting our Lumina forest, so that we are all aware of our impact and how best to minimize it.

Minimizing our impact

During periods of operation and high visitor numbers: a well-marked and demarcated path reduces the area of human presence in the forest during our night-time sessions. We don’t allow our visitors to wander around the forest on performance evenings. Any trampling, shaking or disturbance is confined to a very small area, and thus represents only a small part of the total surface area of the Lumina forest. This also reduces the impact on the roots of our trees, as well as on the various burrows of the species present. When we set up the site, we paid particular attention to the creation of footbridges to divert pedestrian traffic to an elevated area that would protect the surrounding living space (watercourses, potential burrows, wild plants, balance and harmony between flora and fauna).

Taking care of our trees

In the middle of the day, we don’t open the forest gates for any other type of operation than the preservation of the natural area and its flora and fauna by our permanent staff. Based on the feedback we receive from our agents, we put in place expert assessments to ensure that this area is impacted as little as possible by our activities. Every year since Alta Lumina opened in July 2020, we have been replanting a minimum of 50 deciduous and coniferous trees, including the Bornmüller fir (planned from 2024). This fir was chosen for its resistance to intense winter cold, down to -30°C. Thanks to its late budburst around mid-May, it is not susceptible to spring frosts. Its tolerance to drought and summer heat is superior to that of the Pectin fir, making it a species well adapted to climate change for reforestation in France.

An arborist, Mr Marc COSSIN from the company A.F.E.C (Arbre-Forêt-Environnement-Conseil), also provides us with his expertise every year to help us monitor the condition of our trees so that we can continue to leave the forest as it is. Trees are cut down when, exceptionally, diseases appear, in order to prevent any spread to the entire forest population and save our forest.

Policy of reducing our interventions

In fact, our direct interventions on the flora and fauna of the Lumina forest are kept to a minimum with the main criterion for action being to protect and preserve this area. For example :

None of our decisions are taken without the active involvement of those with the necessary expertise. We rely on their assessments and advice to maintain the balance between the human and the wild.

Living together

During our “shoulder seasons”, we experience a drop in visitor numbers. This gives the flora and fauna long periods of preservation and occupation of the forest, in keeping with their needs. It’s also the birthing season, which gives the females and their young a notoriously quiet time. During this particular period, we make our staff aware of the need for caution when working on and off the trails during park maintenance and at our evening events.

Relive, Restore

During these periods of calm, we also take the opportunity to:


The impact of our noise and visual infrastructures is indeed felt during our opening evenings, but it also allows us to be in a protected forest area in which many animals have found refuge. An area in which they are not hunted and with which we cohabit, respecting their needs as much as possible. As a result, the animals have little impact on our infrastructure, and this allows them to occupy a forest area which, in the mid-mountain areas of ski resorts, is becoming increasingly rare. What’s more, we try to be as meticulous as possible when setting up and closing down our sound and visual experience, so as to respect the well-being of human, wild and plant inhabitants. It’s our advantage to have technical and IT tools at our disposal that enable us to take direct action on our technical infrastructures, which don’t run in a vacuum, and whose use is controlled.

Our energy costs are designed to minimize impact, with the use of LED lighting. Similarly, when it comes to the noise level of our installations, we comply with decibel standards.Our main workplace – a chalet in the middle of the forest – is a direct legacy of the old accrobranche operation, which we maintain and improve as the years go by, in order to preserve this legacy. Our technical manager is also at the heart of every recycling decision, to create an environment where every object considered obsolete finds a new use and is integrated differently into our work cycle.The idea is to do the best we can with what we have and to have as little recourse as possible to new purchases.


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